Project: B-408 (type – “Ivan Bochkov”)
Built: 1982, Poland
M/E: 8ZL 40/48, 1 x 3825 kW
Class: RMRS  KM L1 fishing
DIM: 86,96m x 15,90m x 10,0m
GRT/ NRT: 3834/ 1150t
SS/ DD: till August 2007
Crew: 90 persons
Navigation area: A1, A2, A3 –JRS
Hold capacity: #1 -868 m3, #2- 1372 m3
Fish meal hold: 842 m3
Freezing capacity: 950 ts
Fish meal: 220 ts
Bunker: Fuel IFO-30 - 780t; MDO - 240t; FW - 200t
Fishing equipment:  mid water trawl – 2 pcs., Bottom trawl 65.4/48 – 2 pcs. (system “Double”); trawl doors – BPC9.6m² - 4 pcs; Wire rope – dia.32 mm – 1800m
Equipment of trawl control: Wesmar TCS-770/IGEK-SUPER; Trawl winch RAAP HUDEMA
Radio equipment: Radio stations PB-KB, JSS710/880w, Furuno 1501, Furuno 1562-25, JHS-32a
Navigation equipment: Furuno FR-2105, Furuno FR-2110
Echo sounders: Furuno FCV-140, Furuno FCV-1500, Furuno FCV-1200
Communication:  INMARSAT –C JUE-75c, INMARSAT-M  JUE-200M, INMARSAT-Mini M Nera CCC, “Globalstar” and etc.

In 1999 a processing factory was completely renovated. It was installed 2 lines Baader 212 KC, 2 contact freezers with capacity of 38t, 2 contact freezers for roe with capacity of 18t, additional ref. compressor, evaporator with capacity of 40t.

Productive capacity on finished-product daily output: Pollock H/G  - 95t; Herring W/R  - 115t; Salmon  - 90t; Roe  - 15t
In 2000 – new main engine
In 2002 – new steam boiler
In 2003 - new wire rope trawl winches.
Price Idea: USD 3.0 MIO
Location: Russian Far East