Type: fishing, crabber, catching vessel\ processor
Class: ABC USA
Built: 1981, “Halter Marine” Yard, USA
DIM: 56m x 12,5m x 4,40m
Flag: USA
Hold capacity: frozen fish – 400mt; crab – 250mt
Hull: steel
Last renovation: 2004, USA
M/E: 2 x Caterpillar-399, 2250 hp
Bow thruster: 3306 Caterpillar
Diesel-generators: Cat-3412, 625 kW; Cat-3408, 350 kW; Cat-3306, 135kW
Cargo gear: 2 electro hydraulic telescopic cranes
Fuel bunker: 310mt
FW bunker: 29mt
Crew: 29 people
Technological equipment: 1 plate freezer, 1 brine freezer
Freezing capacity (crab): up to 30mt/ 24 hrs
The vessel is in good working condition, can be used for catching both crab and cod/ salmon. 
The vessel is equipped with the modern radio-navigational equipment.
Fuel consumption: 4-5mt
Location: USA
Price Idea: USD 2,2 MIO