Built: 2002
DIM: 70,0m x 17,4m x 2,4m
Draft: 0,68m
Quantity of section: 4
Length of section: 35,28m
36 pontoons
DIM of pontoon: 11,8m x 2,9m x 2,4m
Thickness of board: 6mm
Thickness of deck: 8mm
Thickness of bottom: 6mm
Dock mass: 140t
Anchors: Я-45-1 x 4 (weight - 45t); Я-25-1 x 4 (weight – 25t); ЯП-10 x 8 (weight – 10t)
Anchor chain (diameter): 44
Connecting bridge: PCM-2, span – 17m, breadth – 4,8m
Coating: cement covering
Location: Russian Far East
Price Idea: USD 450,000