A017 - Dry Dock 8500 TLC

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Type: non-self-propelled, self-contained (power supply) floating dry dock of composite construction, steel side, two-side walls (reinforced concrete pontoon, steel side walls)

Class: K* III floating dock

Built: 1999, Ukraine (ex-USSR), un-used

LOA: 148,65 m

L of pontoon deck: 145,5 m

B between outer sides of pontoons: 32,4 m

B of pontoon deck: 19,9 m

H of pontoon: 7,5 m

H from base line to top deck: 22,9 m

Lifting capacity: 8500 t

Diesel generators: 1 x 1500 KWT, 2 x 320 KWT

Boiler plant: 6,3 t/hr

Compressor plant: 60 BM/HR

Gear: portal cranes 2 x 5 t set on keelblocks, dock scaffolds are provided in the dock

Dock supply: at main operating mode provided with energy and media (steam, water, low pressure air) from shore

Addition: dock may be completed with gears for mounting (demounting) of propeller rudder complex of docked ship

Location: Black Sea

Price idea: 4,3 mln. USD, try less