Type: oil tanker IMO II, IMO III, double bottom, double sides
Class: RMRS
Built: 1976, Japan
DWT: 931 mt
Full summer draft: 3,966 m
Freeboard of full summer draft: 0,444 m
GRT/NRT: 639/219 mt
Tons per centimeters of draft: 4,21
LOA: 56,6 m
BEAM: 9,2 m
Parallel body length in light condition: 48 m
Distance keel - top of mast/highest point: 22 m
Airdraft in light condition: 1,5 m
Main engine: Yanmar 6GST - 736 KW, made in Japan
Cubic capacity excluding slops: 846,915 CBM
Slops: 21,4 CBM
Cargo tanks coating: stainless steel
Coils: stainless steel, heating upto 40 degr C
Manifolds each side: 1/1
Type of manifold: Flange (steel) 250 mm
Distance bow to center manifold: 30,6 m
Distance deck to center manifold: 1 m
Distance rail to manifold: 3 m
Number/size of reducers: 250/8 x 250/12, 200/8 x 180/8, 250/8 x 280/8
Number of natural segregations with valve: 2
Cargo pumps: centrifugal 2 x 150 CBM/HR
Ballast pumps: 1 x 150 CBM
Mooring equipment: mooring winches 2/3 t
Number/length/diameter of wires: 2/375 m/36 m
Number/length/diameter of ropes: 5/40/60 m
Load line certificate: due Jan, 2006
SOLAS safety construction: due Jan, 2006
SOLAS safety equipment: due Jan, 2006
IOPP: due Jan, 2006
Radio safety: due Jan, 2006
Last special periodical survey: Jan, 2001
Last DD: Jan, 2001
Last AS: June, 2001
Next SS: 2006
P&I club: Ingosstrakh Insur. Co
Nationality of master/crew: Russian
GMDSS: yes, unlimited region
Last 3 cargoes: gasoline/ MDO/ MDO
Clean ballast tanks: yes
Segregated ballast tanks: yes
Closed loading system: fitted
Speed: 8,5 knots
Fuel consumption: MGO 2,5 t
Location: Far East
Price idea: 650,000 USD